K.D – Cruise Control ft. Starlito & Scotty Atl

If you’re familiar with G-Fliud from Birmingham, Alabama’s KD, then you’ll enjoy the fact that he has some new Country Rap Tunes produced by Burn One and The Five Points Bakery.

Check out “Cruise Control”, featuring Starlito & Scotty Atl, as all three artist speak vividly on comin’ up in the rap game.

Slimm Body – Reach x Baggies & Rubberbands (Video)

Cashville’s has been brewing a ton of talent over the years. One artist who deserves your undivided attention is Slimm Body. Check out the visuals to “Reach”, which features a perfectly induced Sadè sample that can’t go unrecognized and the hood anthem “Baggies & “Rubberbands”. We’re excited to see what’s up next from not only Slimm, but from Wholesale Ent’s brewing lineup of artists.