Tylan – No Peace In Chaos (Album)

Growing up in a family that features producers along the likes of Chris King  (platinum producer for Bryson Tiller) and Bandplay (Nipsey Hustle, Lil Boosie, Young Buck and more), the youngest of the brothers may end up being the most recognized when it’s all said and done (He has a Genius page already).

Before checking out “No Peace In Chaos”, the debut album from Tylan, be sure to checkout his Soundcloud page to get familiar with the lyric prowess of the young MC. With the recent events that has shaped the US over the past few days, the title itself is fitting for the times yet can be seen as a play on words expressing what the music industry has instored coming from the young artists representing Tennessee. 

If your not convinced that “No Peace In Chaos” is a solid project after hearing “Perspective”, Cadillac Dreamin”, or “Friends House”, standout track “Pick Up The Pieces” and the production alone should make you a believer. Stream the album on his Soundcloud page then purchase it via iTunes.

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