Slimm Body – Slimm Body EP

As he prepares for the release “Cartier Visions”, Slimm Boby release a self-titled EP that doesn’t disappoint. What’s unique about this 5 song project is the fact that a video accompanies each song which bring the lyrics to life. No lack of lyricism or production here as Slimm coasts each track with style and persistence.

Previously released songs “Reach” and “Baggies & Rubberbands” appear on this project, but standouts “Yes” and “The Glow” will keep listeners longing for more. “Slimm Body EP” is available via iTunes and stay tuned as we continue to follow the journey of one our favorite artist and his Wholesale Ent crew.

K.D – Cruise Control ft. Starlito & Scotty Atl

If you’re familiar with¬†G-Fliud¬†from Birmingham, Alabama’s KD, then you’ll enjoy the fact that he has some new Country Rap Tunes produced by Burn One and The Five Points Bakery.

Check out “Cruise Control”, featuring Starlito & Scotty Atl, as all three artist speak vividly on comin’ up in the rap game.